Hy-Lifter - Container Weighing System

About the Hy-Lifter™ System


Hy-Lifter™ makes moving Containers a simple and easy task – You only need four corners!

Hy-Lifter™ simply elevates the Container and allows skating systems to be attached to it's underside to allow free and easy movement around your facilities.

Hy-Lifter™ has the capability to weigh a loaded container before transportation and displays the weight as a simple digital read-out.

Hy-Lifter™ removes the need for dedicated Container craneage and is easily deployed and moved within your facility, as all of the equipment is self-contained on its own specially designed pallet.

Hy-Lifter™ utilises simple colour coding systems to identify the corners of the Container and the control panel allows for individual corner raising and lowering. The process takes approximately 10 minutes to deploy the system and move a Container.

The product is manufactured in the United Kingdom to rigorous quality standards (ISO 9001) and has been CE Marked and product tested by TUV.

The key principle in the design of Hy-Lifter™ is simplicity. We have designed a product with the following benefits:-

Capacity up to 40ft/32 tonnes - TÜV/CE marked - Simple operation - Colour coded hoses - Easy storage & handling - Patent Pending - Container weighing - Removes need for craneage

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  • Testimonials

    Expansion at Tekmar, drove the need to move loaded 20ft Shipping Containers between the Assembly Area and the Storage Yard, where we manufacture and assemble offshore cable protection systems at a rate of 25 systems/week (equating to 4 Containers).

    We required a robust transit system to lift and transport loaded Containers, using minimum labour and minimal transfer time. Hy-Dynamix provided the Hy-Lifter system and utilising only 2 men, Containers can now be moved around our facility with great ease.

    The system is used daily and has proved to be both reliable and very simple to operate, offering us a great deal of flexibility in our manufacturing operations.

    Paul Brougham
    Production Manager - Tekmar Energy